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Unveiling the Cashew Conspiracy: How This Tiny Nut Packs a Mighty Punch!

From Farm to Fork: The Incredible Journey of Cashews Revealed!

Hey, Raju, have you heard of Kaju? Kaju is also known as cashew. When it comes to nuts, we must talk about the king of nuts, cashew nuts. Welcome to the series of incredible Bharat, truly presented by Growth Biz. Cashew nuts are famous for their buttery flavour and creamy texture, and they have a long history linked to India’s positive landscapes. Did you Know that Cashew nuts originally came from North-eastern Brazil but were brought to India by Portuguese traders in the 16th century? Among the states, Kerala and Karnataka stand out as the top producers of cashews, with Kollam and Dakshina Kannada districts leading the pack. Cashews are essential in India’s trade. We export them for more than 1.5 billion dollars and import them for approximately $500 million. Cashew trades for export and import have a market value of over 10,000 crores. Cashew nuts are tasty and good for health, with healthy fats and important vitamins. Cashew farming helps many farmers in India, supporting communities and promoting sustainable agriculture. We thank you following us on this tasty journey through the cashew world. Follow Growth Biz for exciting views on the beauties of India!

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