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Unlock the Secret Power of Minerals: The One Thing Missing from Your Health Routine Revealed!

Introduction: Minerals are essential natural resources that fuel various industries, from construction to technology, shaping our everyday lives. Welcome to the series of Incredible Bharat, truly presented by Growth Biz. • Today’s video explores the fascinating world of Minerals. Facts about Minerals: The value of processed minerals exports from India amounted to roughly 1.03 billion U.S. dollars in fiscal year 2023. India is one of the leading producer and exporter of iron ore. Presently the exports of iron ore are placed at 29.5 million tonnes valued at Rs. 1769 crores. Product Details and History: Minerals such as iron ore, coal, bauxite, and limestone are vital for infrastructure development, manufacturing, and energy production. India has a rich history of mining and utilizing minerals for economic growth. Did you know? Odisha is the state that produces the maximum amount of minerals in India, contributing significantly to the country’s mineral resources and industrial growth. Closure: Stay tuned with Growth Biz for more informative content on fascinating topics like Minerals and their impact on industries and sustainability.

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