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Unlock the Secret Power of Fennel: The Miracle Herb You Need to Try Today!

Fennel: The Delicious Secret to Better Digestion and More Energy!

Welcome to the series of Incredible Bharat truly presented by Growth Biz. Today we will talk about a classic flavorful freshner FENNEL OR FENNEL SEEDS, which is commonly known as SAUNF. – SAUNF is highly flavorful herb used in cooking and it’s provide important nutrients, such as vitamin c,calcium, magnesium, potassium, and manganese. – Can you say which country cultivate fennel most? -Well, I can say that, It’s India. India leads the world in Fennel cultivation which are used as a spice. – The main producing country along with India are Egypt, China, Romania, Russia , Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Argentina, USA, Indonesia & Pakistan. – If I talk about the states, how could Gujarat will not move forward? – Gujarat produces 98,400 tonnes annually and it accounts for 71.67% of the country’s total fennel output. – India export substantial quantities of FENNEL to USA, Singapore,UK, UAE, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Brazil and Japan in variety of forms including seeds powder and volatile seeds.

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