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How to sell your product in International Market?


Growth Biz is an e-commerce platform where they are bridging the gap between domestic and international markets.

In simple words, their strategy is to organize the Indian MSME business with proper verifications under Indian government guidelines to step into the international markets.

Now you must be thinking about how they do it or what services they are offering.

They provide you with a global platform. A platform where you can expand your business landscape. Their commitment is to empower the new brands and mills, particularly in MSMEs with proper guidance like mentorship programs, strategic planning, and manufacturing facilities that will help your business flourish a lot.

They also provide you with end-to-end support. They provide a safe and reliable environment to users and also a very strict KYC process to secure your business from fraudulent activities.

kya soch rahe ho? Yahi na?

That if they are providing such facilities then there must be some charges. No,

Yes, you heard it right. There are no charges for the application. All you need is some documents and you are good to grow with GrowthBiz.

Want to start today all you need an simple documents like Adhar, PAN, Password, MOA or PAN, passport-size photos, COI and Agreement Copy.

GrowthBiz will also provide you with a zonal captain to assist you with onboarding and hand-holding support in your preferred language of understanding. Like if you are not aware of using such an application and not aware of the laws and documentation of exports, their caption will help you assist throughout the process.

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