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How to Incorporate Turmeric into Your Daily Diet

Boost Your Immunity with Turmeric: Tips and Tricks.

Turmeric Supplements: What You Need to Know Before You Buy.

Cooking with Turmeric: Delicious Recipes to Spice Up Your Meals. Turmeric in Traditional Medicine: Remedies and Treatments from Around the World

Welcome to the series of Incredible Bharat truly presented by Growth Biz. Today’s video is about Turmeric. – Do you know the scientific name of turmeric? -ok, let me tell you, it’s curcuma longa and very well known with the name HALDI. – HALDI is our Bhartiya Vanaspati and it’s traditionally call Indian Saffron. – According to global trade, Haldi has a great market size and heavily export from India. – In 2022- 23 , more than 380 exporters shipped 1.534 lakh metric tons of turmeric and their products worth USD 207.45 million. – some top countries which export turmeric from India are Bangladesh, the UAE, the United States and Malaysia. – the next targeted action is to boost turmeric export to USD 1Billion by 2030. – From ancient time to recent time, it is still use for cooking, medicinal purposes, Dyeing, colouring agent , cosmetics, minor cuts , wounds and so on

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