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How Jewellery and Ornaments Can Elevate Your Style Game Instantly! Shine Bright Like a Diamond: Jaw-Dropping Jewellery Trends You Can’t Afford to Miss!

From Runway to Real Life: How Jewellery and Ornaments Are Revolutionizing Fashion!

Hello everyone, Today we will talk about one of the product that makes everyone even more beautiful that is Ornaments or can say JEWELLERY. So welcome back with the series of Incredible Bharat truly presented by Growth Biz. – Jewellery refer to an adornment worn by a person like bracelet, ring, necklace or earing’s – It may be purely decorative or it may express something like rings that shows you are married. – It has been around for eras. It is made up of with glittering metals, precious materials and sparkling stones for ages. – the origin of jewellery also stretches through centuries, and it is believed to be more than 5000 years old, touching the era of Ramayana and Mahabharata. – Evidence of early jewellery dates back to the ancient civilizations that flourished in the Mediterranean and Iran around 3,000 to 400 BC. – During this time, jewellery was crafted from basic stones, typically as amulets and seals. – If I talk about export rate then, In 2021–2022, India’s gem and jewellery exports reached US$ 39.14 billion, rising 54.13% from the previous year as per jewellery export data. – India’s gem and jewellery exports from April to December 2022 were US$28.6 billion, rising 6.28% from the same time last year. – In 2022, India exported $12.6B in Jewellery. – The main destinations of India exports on Jewellery were United States ($3.38B), United Arab Emirates ($3.19B), Hong Kong ($2.97B), Singapore ($709M), and United Kingdom ($403M). – Other gems and jewelry exported from India are silver jewelry, lab-grown diamonds, rough diamonds, and colored gemstones. – The sector contributes about 10-12% of India’s total merchandise exports, accounting for the third largest commodity share. – China buys, produces, and consumes the most jewelry. The United States valued at $69.1 billion, is the second biggest jewelry market in the world, – while India is the third-largest jewelry market with $51.4 billion.

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