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 Growth Biz Internship Program

Growth Biz serves as the essential bridge that connects these fragmented components of the business landscape. We are bringing a combination of innovation and technology to the table that sets us apart. Here’s a glimpse of Growth Biz:

·       Revolutionizing MSMEs’ global expansion.

·       Offers market analysis, inventory management, and tailored marketing.

·       Specializes in international expansion, starting with UAE, Singapore, Botswana, and beyond.

Internship Responsibilities:

·       Engage with MSMEs to understand needs.

·       Assist in onboarding them onto Growth Biz.

·       Educate about our services.

·       Maintain client relationships and gather feedback.

Benefits for Interns:

·       Hands-on sales and business development experience.

·       Mentorship from industry professionals.

·       Insights into global trade dynamics by working with MSMEs.

·       Possible stipend or performance-based incentives.

We believe Your students would be ideal for our program, bringing enthusiasm and fresh perspectives to empower MSMEs globally. For more information or to express interest,

contact us. growthbizhr@gmail.com

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