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Discover the Secret Mango Hack That Will Change Your Snacking Game Forever!

Welcome to the series of Incredible Bharat truly presented by Growth Biz. Today’s topic is our summer’s special ‘ The Mango ‘. – The national fruit of India, Pakistan and Philippines as well the national tree of Bangladesh. And it’s very well known as king of fruits. – Do you know who is the largest producer of mangoes? -Yes, you assumed right – it’s India in the world. – while the largest exporter country is MEXICO and the largest importer country is AMERICA – As India is the world largest producer of mangoes, cultivating over 1000 unique varieties. – Top states that produce export quality mangoes are Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Bihar , Uttar Pradesh. – Top importing countries from India are UAE, Saudi Arabic, Yemen, Netherland, Kuwait. – The market size of mango has grown strongly in recent years. It will grow from $63.65 billion in 2023 to $67.95 billion in 2024 at compound annual growth rate of 6.7% – And expected to grow from $57,332.9 million in 2021 to $77,942.1million in 2026 at a rate of 6.3%.

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