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Buckle Up! The Exotic Journey of Milk Products: From Export Hub to Your Fridge!

From Farm to Table: The Untold Story Behind Exported Milk Products Revealed!

Today we will talk about the product which is commonly used in daily life that is Dairy products. So welcome back with the series of Incredible Bharat truly presented by Growth Biz. – Dairy products or milk products, also known as lacticinia, are food products made from milk. – The most common dairy animals are cow, water buffalo, nanny goat, and ewe. – Some common grocery food around the world such as yogurt, cheese, milk , Ghee and butter. – Do you know who is the biggest supplier of dairy products in India? – Amul, infamously known as the Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation, is undoubtedly India’s largest and most renowned dairy cooperatives. – Amul is one of the largest and most popular milk brands in India – Do you know how much India export cow milk? – India’s Export of Dairy products was 67,572.99 MT to the world for the worth Rs. 2,269.85 Crores Millions during the year 2022-23. – Destination of export in India are : – Bangladesh ,United Arab Emts, Saudi Arab , USA and Bhutan. – Do you know what is the rank of India in dairy products? – India is the highest milk producer and ranks first position in the world contributing 24.64% of global milk production in the year 2021-22. – Can you say who export Ghee from India? – India exports most of it’s Ghee to United Arab Emirates, Singapore and United States and is the largest exporter of Ghee in the World. Many more information is on the way. Stay tune with Growth Biz family.

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