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Welcome to the Country Visit Series with Growth Biz Today’s video takes us on an exciting journey to the heart of Africa – Botswana Situated in the southern region of Africa, Botswana is a land of vast landscapes and rich cultural heritage Did you know? Botswana is home to the world’s largest concentration of African elephants! The majority of Botswana’s population resides in the urban districts of Gaborone and Francistown Botswana exports textiles, copper, nickel, diamonds, and other valuable stones to India. In exchange, India maintains close trade relations with Botswana by providing it with chemicals, machinery, textiles, cars, and pharmaceuticals. Did you know? Botswana’s per capita income is unbelievable, making your bank account want to transfer! And, guess what? 1 Botswana pula equals 6.07 rupees. From the majestic Okavango Delta to the stunning Chobe National Park, Botswana offers a plethora of breath-taking sights for every adventurer. Planning a trip to Botswana? Don’t forget your passport and visa! The Botswana government rolls out the red carpet for businesses, offering incentives and support to help them thrive in the region.


Botswana’s strategic location fuels its trade, utilizing ports like Walvis Bay and Durban. Internally, dry ports in Gaborone, Palapye, and Francistown ensure smooth domestic transport. Want your products to shine? there are some Botswana’s famous markets and shops such as Choppies and Spar Botswana, are popular shopping destinations for both residents and visitors Enjoy the delicious cuisine of Botswana! Prepare yourself for a wonderful journey from seswaa to bogobe! That’s all for today, folks! Stay tuned with GrowthBiz for more exciting content on countries around the globe. Until next time, happy exploring! #botswana Akshay Kumar #export #business #msme Botswana

Republic of Botswana
Location: southern Africa
Neighbour country: Namibia to the west and north
Zimbabwe to the northeast
Language: Setswana
Population: 2.3 million (23 lakh)
Density: 4.6 person /km square
Capital – Gaborone (also the largest city) (about 12% people live there)
Tswana (about 79% people live there)
Independence – 30 sept 1966
Botswana is a democratic republic. The President is both the head of state and government.
It has relatively stable political environment compared to some other African nations

GDP (purchasing power parity) per capita of about $18,113 as of 2021 (14,49,040)
Botswana is the world’s biggest diamond producing country.
Currency – Botswana pula (1 Botswana pula= 6.07 rupees)
Nearby port of Botswana (All Are Dry Port):
1.Gaborone container terminal (west Gaborone, Botswana)

  1. Palapye container terminal
  2. Francistown container terminal
    Botswana park zone:
  3. Kgalagadi trans Fortier national park nearly as big as Switzerland, covering an area
    of 39.000 km² where 75% area is in Botswana
  4. Makgadikgadi national park
  5. Chobe national park:
    Botswana first is still the mainstay of epic animal encounters.
  6. Nxai pans national park:
    Botswana’s secret superstar of desert safaris.

Botswana famous mart:
Choppies has the biggest retail footprint in Botswana with 122 retail outlets
Whole sales market place in Botswana:
Gaborone international commerce park
Franscistown wholesale market
Item that Botswana import:
rice, wheat, sugar, cooking oil, processed foods, and beverages
Item that Botswana export
Diamonds, copper, beef, clothing, salt
Suitable area to open a mart in Botswana:
Urban Centre: Consider locations in major cities such as Gaborone (the capital),
Francistown, or Maun.
Tourist Destinations: Okavango Delta or Chobe National Park
Documents required to enter in the documents
Passport, Visa, Sufficient funds, Proof of accommodation, yellow fever vaccination
Document required to open a mart in Botswana:
1.Business registration documents:
COI (Certificate of Incorporation),
MOA (Memorandum and Articles of Association)
TIN Tax Identification Number) from the Botswana Unified Revenue Service
from the local authority or municipality where your mart will be located
Ensure that your mart is located in an area zoned for commercial use and obtain any
necessary zoning permits
10.Environmental impact
need to conduct an environmental impact assessment and obtain approval from


  1. Environmental authorities
    12.Business bank account:
    13.Insurance Policies
    14.Business Plan
    Start-up cost:
    Business registration – 2,00,000
    Rental lease deposit – 5,00,000
    Initial inventory – 10,00,000
    Equipment’s (fridge. Etc) – 2,50,000
    TOTAL – 17,50,000
    Operating expenses (monthly)
    Rent – 1,00,000
    Utilities (electricity, water)- 20,000
    Employee salaries – 50,000
    Marketing and advertisement – 1,00,000
    Inventory restocking – 2,00,000 (depend on sales)
    TOTAL – 3,70,000

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